This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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User interface standards for field labels

On BMC Remedy ITSM forms, field labels provide data entry hints. The following table lists the significance of field-label formats and special characters.

Field-label format or special characters

Significance for data entry

Bold label

Field is required to submit and update the form.

Important: If you leave the field blank when you attempt to submit the form, the field is highlighted with a red border.

Field label not bold

Field is optional.

Label followed by an asterisk (*)Field is Section 508 compliant. For more information about Section 508 requirements, see

Italicized label

System-generated value for this field. Typically this field is read-only for the user.

Label followed by a plus sign +

Additional functionality is associated with this field. Typically, you access this functionality by pressing Enter. For example, you might press Enter in a field to access a search dialog box or to perform a search based on the value typed into the field.
If a field label followed by a plus sign is also bold, the field is required. Otherwise, the field is optional.

For examples of field-label formatting in Incident Management, see the following figure:

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  1. Colin Rolls
    • some examples where each type of text is used in ITSM would be good and screenshots, especially the '+' symbol where it's not obvious to a user to press enter.
    • the 'plus' symbol is wrong and should be a regular plus not a green plus
    • a note that incident rules for example can change which fields are required even if they are not bold is needed.
    • more explanation what 'Section 508' compliant means and example
    • in ITSM the field is not always 'shown with a red border' when left blank and this depends on the field missing.
    • no need to sort table on headings
    • maybe some text like "on a single form you can have multiple fields each with different formats, an example of this is the help desk form in incident..(screenshot of incident form showing examples of fields and what is needed for each)







    Feb 11, 2016 05:40