This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Updating target values using the data wizard

This topic describes how to update target values with the data wizard.

To update target values

  1. Access the data wizard. From the Application menu, select Data Managment > Data Wizard.
  2. Select the Update target values action.
  3. Select the data that you are modifying.
    When you select the type of data, a window appears, prompting you for the target value and the new value.
  4. Enter or select the target value.
    For some types of data, you might specify values for multiple fields. For example, for Product Categorization, you can specify multiple tiers of categorization.
    For some types of data, you can specify search criteria to locate the appropriate target value. For example, for Site Name, you can specify the Company and, optionally, Region or Site Group.
    To select a person, you must press ENTER in the first name or last name field.
    The search criteria are mandatory for Generic Categorization, Product Model/Version, Site Information, and Support Group, because they are required to select the correct records to update. For example, the same support group name might be used for both My Company and Calbro, but you are changing the support group for My Company.
  5. Specify the new value.
    You can click Copy to copy the target value and then make the appropriate changes, or you can type the new value.
    You must specify a new value for each target value. For example, if you are updating the support group name but keeping the support organization, you would copy the support organization and enter a new support group name.


    The new value cannot duplicate a value that is already in the system.


    To copy all fields at the same time, click Copy All.

    The following figure shows the Data Wizard Console fields populated to update a support group.

    Example of the Data Wizard Console ready to update a support group

  6. Click Go.
    You are prompted to confirm whether to proceed.
    When you proceed, the Data Wizard Status window appears, listing forms to be updated. As the update is processed, the status changes from Pending to Complete.
    If you close the Data Wizard Status window, you can open it by clicking View Status. When the update is complete, however, this window cannot be reopened.


    After you complete the updates, you must follow the instructions in Post-update requirements after updating target values.

For information about viewing the audit log, see Viewing the audit log for updated records. For information about the data wizard limitations when updating records, see Data wizard limitations.

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