This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Service Asset Lifecycle user roles

Service Asset Lifecycle includes user roles for several applications, as indicated in the following table:

User role




Approvers perform the following tasks:

  • Approve or reject requests for the acquisition of new items.
  • Approve or reject proposed standard configurations.

Approval Central

Configuration administrator

Configuration administrators require an overall view of the CIs for which their support groups are responsible. Some organizations call this role an asset manager. For CIs for which their support group is responsible, configuration administrators perform the following tasks:

  • Create purchase requisitions.
  • After an item is ordered has been delivered, verify the condition and inform purchasing.
  • Label items after they have been delivered.
  • Keep CIs up-to-date.
  • Maintain the information of external organizations that supply or support items.
  • Maintain CI relationships. These relationships include the relationships between a CI and other CIs, its supplier, its contracts, and the service infrastructures that it is a part of.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Perform bulk updates.
  • Create maintenance schedules and audit schedules for CIs.

BMC Asset Management  and BMC Atrium CMDB

Contract manager

Contract managers are responsible for managing IT contracts.  Contract managers perform the following tasks:

  • Create support, warranty, lease, maintenance, and software contract and license information.
  • Relate the contracts to the applicable CIs.
  • Maintain the contract data.
  • Make sure that customers are renewing or renegotiating their contracts.
    In some organizations, the contract manager also takes on the role of software asset manager.

BMC Asset Management  and BMC IT Business Management Suite


IT users and other customers place requests for new assets.

BMC Service Request Management

Financial manager

Financial managers use review cost information and prepare periodic charge-back and cost-recovery reports.

BMC Asset Management, BMC Dashboards for BSM, and BMC Analytics for BSM

Purchasing agent

Purchasing agents perform the following tasks:

  • Obtain quotes from suppliers for items that have been requested for purchase.
  • Request approval for ordering items after the quotes from suppliers for these items have been collected.
  • Submit purchase orders for items that have been approved for purchase.
  • Update purchase line items after configuration administrators have confirmed the receipt of items for which purchase orders were submitted.

BMC Asset Management

Software asset manager

Software asset managers are responsible for optimizing software assets and for managing compliance with software license contracts. They also evaluate usage of software licenses to make sure that the organization is not over-purchasing licenses. This role can be fulfilled by the configuration administrator.

BMC Asset Management

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