This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Running a job

This procedure describes how to run a dataload job or multiple jobs simultaneously.


Run your jobs when your systems are unavailable for general use (for example, during a scheduled change window).

Before you begin

A job must have a status of Built before you can run it.

To run a job

  1. From the Applications list on the IT Home Page, select Data Management > Job Console. The Job Console opens.
  2. Double-click on the job that you want to run in the Jobs table. The Job window opens.
  3. Click Run.
    The steps for the jobs are initially assigned a status of Queued in the Steps table and, as they run and data is imported into the specified staging forms, the status changes to Completed.


    A notification is automatically sent to the job owner when:

    • A scheduled job has started
    • A step has a Wait status
    • A step has an error
    • A job is completed


    If the job runs without errors, the Job Result drop-down list in the Job window displays Successful.  If there are errors, the Job Result drop-down list displays Errors Detected. These results are also displayed in the Jobs table in the Job Console.
    The Job window also displays the number of steps that have completed out of the total numbers of Load, Validate, and Promote steps in the Completion status field, as shown below.

    If errors do occur during the data load, you can view or save these errors by selecting the Load step and clicking View/Save Compressed Error File in the Step window.

After you have run the jobs initially, you can choose to re-run a selected job from the Job window as follows:

  • To run the same job again after correcting any errors in the Error Management console and to revalidate and promote the fixed records, click Re-Run from Validate. This process does not run the Load step again.


    CI loads do not support Re-run from Validate.

  • To make a copy of the job, click Create as New Job. This action creates an exact copy with a new job ID and enables you to run the Load step again to load new data and also run the Validate and Promote steps. You can then click Run to run it again as a new job.


    • To remove the wait flag from a step and enable it to run automatically, you can choose from the following procedures:
      • Go to the Job window, select the step, and click Remove Wait
      • Go to the Job window, and click Continue to remove wait flags from all of the highlighted steps
      • Double-click on the step and from the Step window click Continue Step
    • To view the staging form data after the job has run the Load step (and without having to go to the Error Management console), click View Data in the Step window for your Validate or Promote step.

For information about the sequence in which steps run, see Step run sequence.

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