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Overview of Data Model for Run-time Processes

This topic makes process designers familiar with the data model behind Run-time Processes. Process designers, developers, and support engineers can use this data model for debugging purposes.

The forms that are involved in the data model are:

  • ITSM Forms : HPD:Help Desk, PBM:Problem Investigation, CHG:Infrastructure Change and WOI:WorkOrder
  • Service Request Form : SRM:Request
  • ITSM Task Form : TMS:Task
  • ABYD:Task
  • ABYD:Task Action
  • ABYD:Task Action Field Value
  • ABYD:Task Assignment Rule
  • ABYD:TaskConsolidatedList
  • ABYD:Task Dependency
  • ABYD:Task Field
  • ABYD:TaskTypePropertyPerTask
  • ABYD:ManagedRequest
  • ABYD:ARI Log
  • ABYD:SLA Alerts


An SRM Request contains ABYD:Task forms and an ITSM Request contains TMS:Task forms.

Graphical representation of the data model

The following points explain the data model:

  • ABYD:Task: An ABYD:Task or TMS:Task record can contain multiple ABYD:Task Action records.
  •  ABYD:Task Action: An ABYD:Task Action contains  ABYD:Task Action IDs.
  • ABYD:Task Action Field Value: An ABYD:Task Action may contain multiple ABYD:Task Action Field Value records. A task action can contain multiple fields. 
  • ABYD:ARIJob: A task action is executed by a job. An ABYD:Task Action is related to ABYD:ARIJob.
  • ABYD:ManagedRequest record: ABYD:ARIJob can contain ABYD:ManagedRequest record. A job record can contain one managed request configuration. 
  • ABYD:ARI Log: An ABYD:ARIJob can contain multiple ABYD:ARI Log records. A job can contain multiple log records. 
  • ABYD:Task Field: An ABYD:Task or TMS:Task record can contain multiple ABYD:Task Field records.  
  • ABYD:SLA Alerts: An ABYD:Task or TMS:Task record can contain ABYD:SLA Alerts record. 
  • ABYD: TaskTypePropertyPerTask: An ABYD:Task or TMS:Task record may contain ABYD: TaskTypePropertyPerTask records.
  • ABYD: Task Assignment Rule: ABYD:Task or TMS:Task record can contain ABYD: Task Assignment Rule record.

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