This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Out-of-the-box BMC Data Compliance reports

A set of data compliance reports are available that can be used by the compliance officer to analyze the trends in data violation. Using the data in the reports, a compliance officer can find out answers to the following questions and can make informed decisions and revise or impose compliance rules and policies:

  • How many times a certain document was shared outside the organization?
  • How many times the sharing of sensitive data was blocked?
  • How many times the sharing of data was notified to authorized users?
  • How many times a user has shared a certain document?

The following table lists the data compliance reports:

Report nameDescription
Incident by status

Shows all incidents associated with DLP. The data is filtered as per following criteria:

  • Status
  • Create Date Within
  • Event type 
Incident detailsShows all incidents associated with a policy.
Most active policy/rules

Shows most active policies and rules used in last four weeks.

Top DLP senders

Shows top 10 senders in in last seven days. You can specify time range and number of users you want to see.

The following filters are provided:

  • Top N Rank (Top) Equal To
  • Create Date Between
Top N policies

Shows top N policies for the specified period. The default period is four weeks.

The following filters are provided:

  • Top N Rank (Top) Equal To
  • Create Date Between

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