This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Migrating application objects by using BMC Remedy Deployment Application

With Remedy IT Service Management version 9.1.04, you can migrate application objects by using BMC Remedy Deployment Application. You can now migrate task templates and task group templates by adding them to the deployment package. While staging and promoting the data for application objects on the destination server, the system either updates the existing data or creates new data if it does not exist on the destination server.

The following table lists the application objects and the related data that is migrated by using BMC Remedy Deployment Application.

Application objectRelated data
Task templates




Task group templates







For information about adding the application objects to a package, see Adding data to a package in the Remedy AR System 9.1 online documentation portal.


Alternatively, you can also use the Data Management utility to migrate the data. For more information, see Data Management.

User permissions to migrate data

You are required to have the following set of permissions to migrate application objects by using BMC Remedy Deployment Application.

  • Remedy Administrator or Deployment Manager permission to migrate the application objects.
  • Task Administrator permission to create a task template or task group template.
  • Task Manager or Task User permission to add the task template and task group templates to the deployment package.

To migrate application objects

  1. Prepare the destination server by ensuring that the following items are present on the destination server before importing the application objects. These items are essential for the application objects to function as expected.
    • Foundation data — All foundation data must be identical in the source and destination servers.  
    • Customizations — (If applicable) Reconcile all the customizations before importing the application objects. 
    • Configuration data —The configuration data populates fulfilment configuration forms that are used in the Application Administration Console. This data must be migrated. 
  2. Using BMC Remedy Deployment Application on the source server, create a package that includes the application objects to be deployed to the destination server. 
  3. After you successfully build and export the package from the source server, use BMC Remedy Deployment Application on the destination server to import and deploy the package.


    You can rollback a successfully deployed package.

For detailed instructions about migrating the application objects by using the the BMC Remedy Deployment Application, see  Defining a package  in AR System Server 9.1.00 online documentation portal.

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