This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Managing the members in a discussion topic

The People tab lists users who are subscribed to a discussion topic and can post to that topic. Using this tab, you can view existing members. If you are the creator or an administrator of the discussion topic, you can invite new members to join the discussion, set permissions, and remove or block members from the discussion topic.

By default, a creator of a discussion topic becomes an administrator of the topic. All members can view the members of a topic; however, an administrator of a topic can perform additional tasks to manage the members in a discussion topic.

As an administrator of a topic, you can perform the following tasks:

The following table describes these actions:

Viewing members in a topicAll members can view other members from the People tab; however, only an administrator can invite or remove members and modify their permissions.Open a discussion topic and click the People tab.
Inviting users to a topic

You can invite other users to become members of the topic. Invited members are listed on the People tab of the discussion topic with an Invited status until they accept the invitation. When an invited user accepts the invitation, the user is listed as a member.

  1. Open a discussion topic and click the People  tab.
  2. Click + Invite people to this Discussion Topic.
  3. Search for users you want to add, and then select them.
Managing member permissionsYou can manage member permissions by making other users administrators or members of a discussion topic.View the members of a topic, click the down arrow next to a member name, and select Administrator or Member.
Removing members from a topicAs an administrator, you can remove other members from a discussion topic. Removed users cannot post to a topic. If the topic is private, removed users can no longer view the topic.View the members of a topic, click X next to a member name, and then confirm the removal.

Blocking and unblocking members in a topic

As an administrator, you can block or unblock users from a public discussion topic. Blocked users cannot view or post to a discussion topic. You can block users irrespective of their membership to a topic.

When you block a user, the user is added to the Blocked People list with a Blocked status.

When you unblock a user who was a member of the topic, the user is added back to the Members list with a Member status. However, when you unblock a user who was not a member, the user is removed from the Blocked People list.

Note: You cannot block members from a private discussion topic. To restrict viewing of a private discussion topic, remove the member from the topic. 

  • To block a user from a topic, view the members, and click X Block People from this Discussion Topic. Search for the users you want to block, and select them.
  • To unblock a user, view the members; then, under the Blocked People list, locate the user and click X next to the name.

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