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GeoPacks include geographical information that can work with your data without having to be incorporated and stored in your database. The pack file includes three types of data:

GeoPacks are structured to have one or more levels of geographical data. When there are multiple levels, the data is structured in a logical hierarchy. Each level of the hierarchy contains Geographical Labels of different formats and a Geographical Field containing a Point (and sometimes a Polygon). The pack can also have Demographic Metrics, which are associated with the lowest level of the hierarchy, which are automatically aggregated up depending on the hierarchy level you are using at the time.

For more information, see Setting up GeoPacks.

Geographical labels

In order to identify the various levels of data in the pack, and link the pack to your own data, Geographical Labels are included and displayed in multiple formats.

If we look at a simplified version of the Australian Postcode GeoPack it contains the following three level hierarchy:

  1. State
  2. LGA (Local Government Area)
  3. Postcode

Some levels of this hierarchy may have different ways to identify the geography. For example, the State level can be identified by its full name, or using a three letter code. In this case, there are multiple Geographical Labels for the State field; State Label and State Code. An example of possible label fields for this pack would be:

State LabelState CodeLGA CodeLGA LabelPostcode
VictoriaVICLGA25900Port Phillip3205

These label fields are used to link the pack data to your source data, and as such you must select the label that matches the formatting in your source database. For example, if you're linking on State field and your data is stored as VIC, you would link on the State Code field. If your data is stored as Victoria, you would link on the State Label field.

See Using a GeoPack for more information.

Geographical fields

After you have linked the pack using Geographical Label fields, the geographical fields become available for use in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. Each level of the pack hierarchy contains one Geographical Field, which contains a centroid Point, and can also contain Polygons, depending on the pack design. The Geographical Field can be selected by a user and added to a map, and depending on the map type, BMC Remedy Smart Reporting chooses to use either the Point or Polygon, where available.

For more information, see Using a GeoPack.

Demographic metrics

The Demographic Metrics available in the pack are are fields that explore various values associated with census demographics available in the geographic area.

If we look at the same simplified Australian Postcode GeoPack as above, it contains various different fields of census information. Most packs contain many demographic fields, but this simplified example contains two; Total Population and Median Age:

PostcodeTotal PopulationMedian Age

The Demographic Metrics are designed to provide additional levels of context to your mapping, providing you with the ability to compare your data with census information for richer analysis.

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