This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Exclusions from Data Management

As a part of data management, some areas are excluded from the Data Management tool.

Exclusions from data load

The following foundation forms are excluded from bulk load data management:

  • CFG:Geography City
  • CFG:Geography Country
  • CFG:Geography Stat/Province

These foundation geography forms are excluded because BMC Remedy ITSM provides extensive data for all these forms with installation of the applications. To import additional data, import the records directly into these forms using BMC Remedy Data Import. For information about using BMC Remedy Data Import, see the BMC Remedy Data Import help.

Exclusions from the data wizard

Some fields on specified forms are excluded from the data wizard for one of the following reasons:

  • The field on the specified form is shorter than the field elsewhere in the application.
  • The field on the form is not uniquely identified.

You can manually update any of these fields, as required. If the field is shorter than required, however, you must increase the field length.

The following table lists fields not updated by the data wizard, because the field on the form is shorter than required.

BMC Remedy ITSM fields not updated by the data wizard

Form or forms

Field or fields


Current length

Required length

  • BMC.AM:BMC_InventoryStorage_
  • AST:InventoryStorage
  • Owner
  • zFullName
  • zLoginName
  • Person's full name
  • Person's full name (duplicate of Owner)
  • Login ID
  • 50
  • 128
  • 30
  • 128
  • 128
  • 254

CTM:Login ID

Created By




The following table lists fields not updated by the data wizard, because the field on the form is not uniquely identified. For example, a person's name is listed on the form, but not the Person ID or Login ID.

Fields that are not uniquely identified

Form or forms

Fields containing

  • CHG:CCMSavedSearch-CRCI
  • CHG:CCMSavedSearch-ImpLoc
  • CHG:CCMSavedSearch-ServiceCI

Support group

  • AST:ConfigNotification
  • AST:Notifications

Product Model/Version

  • AST:Install_ASI
  • BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement
  • CHG:CCMSavedSearch
  • CHG:CCMSavedSearch-CRCI
  • CHG:CCMSavedSearch-ImpLoc
  • CHG:CCMSavedSearch-ServiceCI
  • CHG:CHGSLM:Qualbuilder
  • CTR:ContractBase
  • HPD:IncidentInterface_Create (Direct Contact fields)
  • PBM:ProblemInterface_Create
  • SRM:Request (AppRequestAssignee)
  • SRM:RequestInterface_Create (AppRequestAssignee)
  • TMS:Flow
  • TMS:TaskGroup
  • TMS:TaskGroupTemplate
  • SRS:AdvanceInterfaceProductOrdering
  • IAM:PersonPeopleData
  • RKM:Notifications

A person's name

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