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Creating a custom report using BMC Remedy Smart Reporting

For latest version of this topic, go to the  Remedy Smart Reporting documentation .


  • Do not modify out-of-the-box reports provided with BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. However, if you choose to modify a report, ensure that you first create and save a copy of it.
  • For better performance, create multiple small reports with only a few columns per use case, rather than creating a large report with many columns to solve multiple use cases.
  • While designing a report, we recommend using filter with smaller time frames, for example, 1 day or 1 week.
  • We recommend designing a report by using a database with less data in a test environment first, and then importing the report to the production environment.
  • We recommend not using Remedy Smart Reporting as an ETL tool which typically deals with high data volume.
    For more information on best practices for using Remedy Smart Reporting, see the Yellowfin knowledgebase article at Report Builder.


This two part video describes how to create a report and add charts to it.
Part 1 describes how to create a report.

This two part video describes how to create a report and add charts to it.
Part 2 describes how to create add charts to the report you created in Part 1.

This short video describes how to create a drill down report.

 This short video describes how to create a drill through report.

This short video describes on the types of reports you can create.

This short video describes how to create a basic report.

This video (03:06 min) walks you through the enhancements made to the report creation process and the report delivery formats.


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  1. Tony Worthington

    I wasn't sure how to provide feedback on the YouTube BMCdocs content, so I am leaving it here.

    Could I request that someone please reorder the SmartReporting playlist to be ordered more logically?  It would be helpful to progress through the videos moving from basic to advanced.. and have the similar parts grouped together.

    Jul 06, 2017 08:31
    1. Sirisha Dabiru

      Hi Tony Worthington,

      Thanks for your suggestion. Will work on reordering and get back to you.




      Jul 07, 2017 12:58
    1. Vrishali namdev Galinde

      Hello Tony,

      We have now reordered the videos as best as we could in the playlist. Hope that helps.

      Thanks & Regards,


      Oct 14, 2019 11:50
  2. Jerome Walker

    Hello. I also have to provide some general feedback on three items, and am putting them here for lack of an idea on where are the best places to put them. One is for BMC websites in general and the other is for Smart Reporting, working in any given report in general.

    1. (BMC item.) Certainly 99% of the people using BMC websites are using them from dedicated computers, especially when performing functions wherein we would want to log into our BMC accounts, for example to post these questions. And yet, we are not provided the option to stay logged in. This is frustrating and unnecessary. It should be an option, even if comes with the reminder not to select the option in the (extremely unlikely) event that one might be logging in from a shared computer. It should be offered as an option. There is just no logic in not offering this option to people who work in either IT or Computer Science related fields who are obviously going to be logging in from dedicated computers, i.e. computers assigned exclusively to themselves. I mentioned this in another area of but I don't think I received a reply yet.

    2. (Yellowfin item or BMC item, or both.) It is a very natural and real part of the human condition that we as Smart Reporting users will be working in a report, creating or modifying it, and become concerned with the idea, "Am I modifying the correct report? Did I select the correct report to modify?" As it is now, we have to click Report --> Save or Report --> Save As or Publish to verify the Name of the report we are currently working in. We shouldn't have to do this. When we are working in an actual report, the Name of the Report should always be displayed so we can always be sure we aren't modifying the wrong report, or if we are, we can catch it sooner and mitigate unnecessary rework.

    Please pass these suggestions along. Thank you so much,


    (Jerome Walker)

    Jun 18, 2018 05:05
    1. Jerome Walker

      Hello. It's been over a month now. How about some kind of reply for a BMC employee. Thank you in advance! Jerry

      Jul 24, 2018 10:21
      1. Vrishali namdev Galinde

        Hello Jerome,

        Apologies for a delayed response. I will check with the SMEs and get back to you on this.



        Sep 02, 2018 11:43
    1. Jill Robertson

      I love these suggestions! Especially the second one. I've caught myself wondering what report I was editing and having to Publish it to see what the name of the report is frustrating and time consuming.

      Aug 31, 2018 10:37
      1. Vrishali namdev Galinde

        Hi Jill,

        We have communicated the suggestions to the concerned teams. Will keep you posted for further updates.



        Sep 26, 2018 04:49
    1. Vrishali namdev Galinde

      Hi Jerome,

      Thank you for your suggestions. We have communicated the suggestions to the concerned teams. Will keep you posted as soon as we get any updates on this.



      Sep 26, 2018 04:47
    1. Vrishali namdev Galinde

      Hello Jerome,

      We have raised this idea with our OEM technology partner and awaiting this enhancement for their action.

      Thanks & Regards,


      May 14, 2019 05:44
      1. Jerome Walker

        Thanks Vrishali!

        Feb 21, 2020 10:10
  3. Raymond Viens

    All of the video links are showing Unknown macro: 'widget'

    May 09, 2019 04:27
    1. Vrishali namdev Galinde

      Hello Raymond,

      Thank you for pointing this out. I have fixed the video links.

      Thank you!


      May 13, 2019 05:02