This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Configuring authoring for groups settings for change templates

The template authoring group specifies the group that can modify this template. If you have the Support Group Admin functional role or the Change Config or Change Master permission, you can assign the template authoring group to any group.


  • A user with Change Config or Change Master permission can create a template for any authoring group. The user can modify the template only if he or she is a member of the authoring group.
  • To update support groups, you first must save the change template. When you finish defining the change template, open the Change Template form in search mode and locate your change template. You then can configure the relationships settings.

You can create a template that does not need to be associated up to the Support Group level. You can define the template by:

  • Selecting Global in the Company field

  • Selecting only the Company or Company and Organization, and not selecting a Support Group

Based on the level of access you provide to the template, all the lower levels are given access to the template. For example, if you provide only Company level access, all Support Group Organizations and Support Groups defined for that company get access to the template. Any new organization or support group added to the selected Company or organization will automatically get access to the template.

To configure groups that can use the template

  1. From the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  2. From the Application Settings list, choose ApplicationName > Template> Template, then click Open
  3. On the application Template Selection form, click the Authoring Group tab.
  4. Click Update.
    The first time you add an authoring group, select the authoring company, organization, and group on the Authoring Group tab and click Save.

  5. On the Template Support Group Association dialog box, add or delete any support groups that you have permissions for. If you remove the group's association with the template, it no longer has privileges to use that  template.
    1. Select the company, support organization, and support group, and then click Add, to add groups that can use this template, .
    2. Select it in the list of support groups, then click Delete to delete a support group.
    3. After adding or modifying the required support groups, click Close and then click Save.

    The information is updated in the Groups that use this template table. If you provide only the company level access or only the support organization level access to a template, a user needs to be a member of at least one of the support groups of that company or support organization for accessing the template.

  6. Add or delete any support groups that you have permissions for. If you remove the group's association with the template, it no longer has privileges to use that  template.
  7. Close the dialog box.

If you selected multiple criteria for the same access level, like multiple company names, or multiple organizations for the same company when creating a template, multiple records will be listed on the template selection dialog box for each value defined. For example, if you created a template for two Support Group Organizations of the same company, two records will be listed on the template selection dialog, one entry for the each Support Group organization selected for the company.

Modifying template access levels

You can modify the access level of an existing template to a level higher than the existing access level. You will be prompted to confirm the change in access level. Changing the access level of the template will mark any existing access defined for lower access level as inactive and create a single access record for it.

You must make the higher level access inactive to specify lower level access. For example, you must remove Company and Support Organization level access to add Support Group level access.

In case of Global company access, you must delete of make the access inactive to add lower level access.


A template is created for: Company - Calbro Services, Support Organization - IT Support, and Support Group - Service Desk. 

You modify the access level of this template to the support organization level by removing the Support Group value. A message asking you to confirm the change is displayed. Click Yes to modify the access level.

Access defined for any support groups under Company - Calbro Services, and Support Organization - IT Support is made inactive and a single access record is created providing access to all support groups in the selected support organization.

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  1. Leonard Warren

    Okay.  I tried the Example steps to redefine the permission of an Incident Template but removing the Support Group from the Authoring Group fields did not work.  I was asked to put in the group name. 

    What I had to do was to perform the following:


    1. I had a Calbro Services > Support Organization > IT Service Desk added into the Authoring for Groups primary fields.
    2. There was a secondary group associated to the Incident Template.
    3. I clicked on the Update button located in the Authored for Groups tab.
    4. I selected the Company name of Calbro Services.
    5. I press the Add button. 
    6. The message appeared asking me to confirm the change.
    7. I selected Yes.
    8. The associated or secondary Group was set to Inactive and the Company became active. 

    Not sure if this is clearly stated here but I was not clear on how the steps were supposed to go.  These steps worked for me to grant access to a template for all users to see. 

    Jul 12, 2016 07:22
    1. Sirisha Dabiru


      I will get back to you soon on this comment.





      Jul 19, 2016 03:30