This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Change Management user roles

Comprehensive Change and Release Management includes user roles for several applications, as indicated in the following table:

User role




Decides whether to approve or reject changes

Approval Central: for more information about approvals and Approval Central, see Approving changes using Approval Central

Change coordinator

  • Assesses requests for change that originated from Incident Management, Problem Management, Release Management, or Continuity Management
  • Registers changes as needed to handle requests for change
  • Determines the risk and impact for requested changes
  • Prepares implementation plans by creating tasks
  • Monitors the progress of changes

BMC Change Management

Change manager

  • Reviews the risk and impact analysis to ensure that this has been performed thoroughly
  • Ensures that appropriate actions have been planned to minimize both the risk of failure and the impact on users during change implementations
  • Ensures that the timing of planned implementations does not conflict with other planned changes or events
  • Obtains approval for changes

BMC Change Management

Customer Representative

Ensures that planned application changes are tested before they are transferred to production

BMC Change Management

Financial manager

Uses review cost information and prepares periodic charge-back and cost-recovery reports

BMC Change Management, BMC Dashboards for BSM, and BMC Analytics for BSM

Release administrator

  • Transfers releases after their development in the development environment to the test environment
  • Transfers releases after they have been tested in the test environment to the production environment

BMC Change Management


Completes tasks and updates them with relevant information and status changes

BMC Change Management

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