This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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BMC Remedy Smart Reporting for version Patch 2 for 9.1.04

The BMC Remedy Smart Reporting patch includes the following:


This patch provides the following product enhancements:

Formatting the display of the page slider option on reports   

A report that has tabular data has a default setting of 100 records per page. When the records get extracted in a large number, earlier, the pagination or the page slider component was displayed on the top of the chart or graphic. Now, from this release, you can change the position of the page slider. Go to the Report Formatting menu from the top panel and then click Data > Change Page Slider. You can then decide to display the page slider either Above or Below the chart or graphic.

Formatting the text for text fields

In BMC Remedy AR System, under the Notes field (for example for an incident) the text is displayed in the correct format with spaces and carriage return characters. However, when the same incident is opened in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting, the text under Detailed Description under the Design tab is displayed in a single row as all the white spaces and carriage return characters are suppressed. This text formatting is difficult to read, especially for a large amount of text.

You can now retain the original formatting (the same as the Notes field) under the Detailed Description field. Go to the Column Formatting menu in the top panel, select the desired field (in this case, Detailed Description) from the left panel and from the drop-down menu for the Format option select Text Replacement > New Line Character or Space Character.

Removing the appended date from the broadcast email attachment name

The names of the attachments that are sent through emails from the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting broadcasts, append the current date followed by the report name. For example, Incident Details – 1 Jan 2018.pdf. You now have the option to decide whether to include or exclude the date from the attachment names. When you create a broadcast, you can now uncheck the Append Broadcast Date checkbox to remove the date from the attachment name.


The Append Broadcast Date checkbox will not be available for HTML attachments, as these attachments get embedded in the email.

Defect fixes

For information about issues corrected in this patch for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting, see Known and corrected issues.

Applying the patch

To apply fixes in a standalone environment, you must run the AR System patch installer on the server where BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is installed. For installation instructions, see  Installing BMC Remedy Smart Reporting .

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