This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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BMC Remedy Smart Reporting for version 9.1.02 enhancements

This topic provides an overview of the enhancements made to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is available only for versions 9.0 or later. The application can be accessed only after BMC Remedy ITSM is installed post the BMC Remedy AR System installation or upgrade.

Key features of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting

The following new features are included in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

Related topics

User-friendly interface for administration tasks related to onboarding users

This version of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting provides a new administrator user interface that simplifies the onboarding process and related activities. The Admin Console provides the following capabilities:

  • A user friendly  interface for onboarding BMC Remedy Smart Reporting users
  • Offboarding utility to delete customers from the system
  • Updates to user filter criteria defined during onboarding (Updates filters are used by the user sync utility when synching BMC Remedy Smart Reporting users.)
  • Database Clean up utility to delete any unnecessary records for offboarded customers
  • Data collection utility to bring the onboarding data (of 9.1.01 and older releases) which was present in AR system forms into BMC Remedy Smart Reporting database.


    From 9.1.04 release onward, you need not run the Data Collection utility as the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting installer fetches the onboarding data into BMC Remedy Smart Reporting database. The Data Collection utility is removed from the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Admin Console.

Report sharing via email

In addition to the Distribute option, this release of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting provides the option to Share reports. The Share option allows you to share the report via email. Recipients must log in with BMC Remedy AR System credentials to view the report.

Support to connect with a read-only replicated AR database

In 9.1.02, BMC Remedy AR System Server supports a read-only replicated database for reporting operations. This enhancement allows BMC Remedy Smart Reporting users to do the following activities:

  • Connect with the read-only replicated AR database.
  • Execute all the reporting operations that do not need any changes to the AR database. For example, viewing reports, sharing reports, and so on.

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  1. Deepa Biyani

    Can we upgrade just Smart reporting to 9.1.02 patch 3 from 9.1.00 without upgrading ARS and ITSM to 9.1.02?

    Jun 07, 2017 06:57
    1. Nidhi Das

      Hello Deepa,

      I will discuss this with the concerned SME and will write back to you.


      Jun 08, 2017 01:32
    1. Sirisha Dabiru

      Hi Deepa Biyani,


      Smart Reporting upgrade path should be 9.1.00 to 9.1.02 and then apply patch3.

      For smart reporting to work, Mid Tier should be upgraded to 9.1.00 Patch1.




      Jul 07, 2017 01:27