This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Work information

Work Info logs are components that track work history. They replace the work diary fields used in versions of the BMC Remedy ITSM applications earlier than version 7.0.

You can add as many separate Work Info entries to each service request. Each Work Info entry is stored as a separate record in a BMC Remedy AR System form. This approach enables easy reporting and searching of the Work Info entries associated with any particular record.

You can attach files to Work Info entry. The attachments are tied to the Work Info entry, which associates the attachments to the service record. This provides context to the attachments and makes it easy to find them. 

Attachment attributes

  • Maximum size per attachment: No limit. The default behavior of BMC Remedy ITSM does not limit the size of the attachments, however, you can configure a maximum attachment size through the Max Attach field, using the AR System Administration Console (AR Admin Console > General > Server Information > Configuration).
  • Maximum total number of attachments per Work Info entry: 3 files per Work Info entry. If you need to attach more than 3 files, create additional Work Info entries in the service record record.
  • Maximum total number of attachments per service request record: No limit.
  • Attachment naming conventions: The only attachment file naming restrictions are those imposed by the operating system.
  • Attachment file type restrictions: None.

The work log system also enables record locking, making records public or hidden, and categorizing the records.

Each application uses a separate work log form, but these separate forms use the same structure and workflow. This disperses the processing of Work Info records to forms that are specific to each application.

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