This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Troubleshooting the Archiving process

This section provides the following troubleshooting information:

Records are not being moved to the archive

If you notice that records that otherwise meet the archiving criteria are not being picked up in the archiving runs, check the following points:

  • Is the Do Not Archive flag set on the record? If the Do Not Archive flag is incorrectly set, clear the flag.
  • Do the archiving logs show that there is an AR System error code against the record? The archiving process will not archive records that have AR System errors. If the logs indicate an error code, remove the cause of the error code and the archiving process will move the record to the archive the next time that it runs. You can turn on the Archiving Log from the AR System Server. Click here for information about how to turn on the Archiving Log.
  • Is the individual archiving policy that governs the related forms and records disabled in the AR System Archive Manager console?

Archive process is running very slowly

The Archiving process runs on a single thread of execution and it is expected to run slowly, but without impacting other processes. However, if in your opinion the process is running slower than you would expect for a single thread process, there could be a problem with table indexing (SQL queries run much slower on non-indexed tables). To check this, you can turn on SQL logging (configure the logging filter to pick up only SQL that was initiated by the user: AR_ARCHIVER). Check the log for SQL queries that are taking the longest to complete and then cross reference those queries with the tables they are running against. Ensure that those tables are indexed

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