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Slide types

Several types of slide are available in storyboard, each designed for a specific purpose. This topic provides the following information:

Slide templates

The following table lists the available slide templates and provides a brief description of each slide type:

Description of slide templates


The first slide of a storyboard that introduces the presentation. This slide is added by default when you create a storyboard. There is only one Title slide for each storyboard. The name of the storyboard is same as the title text, which you can change from storyboard settings or from the slide settings.

Tip: Use a date as the subtitle text of this slide to identify between different versions of a storyboard.


Displays a combination of text and rich content such as report, image, video, or text. The slide contains two panels, which you can resize and reposition.


The first slide in every section that introduces a section in the storyboard. The title of a section slide is listed as main heading in the Table of Contents slide.

Tip: Use only one Section slide for each section.

Rich Content only

Displays only rich content such as report, image, or video. By providing more room for display, this slide type adds emphasis to the rich content type. It does not contain any custom text, other than the standard slide title and the subtitle.

Table of Contents

Enables navigation within the storyboard. The list items are auto-generated by using the title text of each slide in the storyboard. By default, the title of this slide is 'Table of Contents', however, you can change it from the slide settings. The first item in the list is the Title slide. The main list items are titles of section slides in the storyboard. The list items under a section are the titles of slides within that section. Click a list item to navigate to that slide.

Note: An Associated Content slide is not listed in the table of contents.

 Layout of the content list

A two column layout contains the list items that exceed the standard slide length. In such a case, the slide extends and a scroll bar appears. A vertical rule separates each column. A horizontal rule separates each section. You can define the color and formatting options for this slide in the Main Theme section of the Theme Builder.

Tip: To make the Table of Contents slide most effective, place it just after the Title slide.

Text Only

Displays only text content. You can format the text by using different  formatting options.


Displays only a small amount of text such as a quote or major point.


Displays only a full size image.

Associated content slide

Associated content slide contains information supporting the main content, which is not required on the main content slide. One main slide can have multiple associated content slides. A link on the bottom of a main content slide displays the title of the Associated Content slide. Clicking the link opens associated content slide. The following image shows the links at the bottom of the slide while creating the storyboard.

An associated content slide can be one of the following slide types:

  • Content slide
  • Rich Content Only slide
  • Text only slide

When you view the associate content slide, the title or subtitle is not displayed.

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