This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Permission groups

This section lists the permission groups in BMC Remedy ITSM 7.6 or later, along with the applicable license types.

For a more detailed description of each permission group, see Permission groups hierarchy.

Permission groups and applicable license types

BMC Remedy  ITSM 7.6 or later permission group Applicable license types
Read Fixed Floating None Not
Activity Config Yes
Activity User Yes
Activity Viewer Yes
Administrator Yes
ApprovalAdmin Yes
ASE-Administrator Yes
Asset Admin Yes Yes Yes
Asset Config Yes Yes Yes
Asset User Yes Yes Yes
Asset Viewer Yes
Browser Yes
CM Dashboard User Yes
Command Event Master Yes
Config Categorization Admin Yes
Config Categorization User Yes
Config Group Mapping Admin Yes
Contact Location Admin Yes
Contact Organization Admin Yes
Contact People Admin Yes
Contact People HR Admin Yes
Contact People User Yes
Contact Support Admin Yes
Contract Admin Yes Yes Yes
Contract Config Yes Yes
Contract User Yes Yes Yes
Contract Viewer Yes
Cost Manager Yes Yes Yes
Customize Yes
DMT Admin Yes
DMT User Yes
DSL Master Yes
DSL Viewer Yes
Email Rule Config Yes
Incident Config Yes Yes
Incident Master Yes Yes
Incident Submitter Yes
Incident User Yes Yes
Incident Viewer Yes
Infrastructure Change Config Yes Yes
Infrastructure Change Master Yes Yes
Infrastructure Change Submit Yes
Infrastructure Change User Yes Yes
Infrastructure Change Viewer Yes
Licensing Yes
Notification Admin Yes
Problem Config Yes Yes
Problem Master Yes Yes
Problem Submitter Yes
Problem User Yes Yes
Problem Viewer Yes
Purchasing User Yes Yes
Receiving User Yes
Release Config Yes
Release Master Yes
Release User Yes
Release Viewer Yes
Requester Console Config Yes
Requester Console Master Yes
ROI Admin Yes
ROI Viewer Yes
Security Yes
SLM Config Yes Yes
SLM Customer Yes Yes
SLM Manager Yes Yes
Sub Administrator Yes
Summary Definition Config Yes
Task Administrator Yes
Task Application Config Yes
Task Manager Yes
Task Process Config Yes
Task User Yes

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