This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

This space contains information about the Remedy IT Service Management Suite (Remedy ITSM Suite) 9.0.00 release.

What's new

Smart IT version 1.3 released

Remedy with Smart IT version 1.3 is released.  

For more information about Smart IT see, BMC Remedy with Smart IT version 1.3 .

Annoucement, October 30, 2015

Enhanced documentation for Remedy Smart Reporting Storyboard is now available. Enhancements include:

  • Inclusion of overview and concept information
  • Streamlined, use case based documentation
  • Interactive graphic for end-to-end concept and process information

See Storyboard and Storyboard themes.

Annoucement, October 05, 2015

A list of frequently asked questions about Remedy Smart Reporting is now available.

See FAQs and additional resources for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

Announcement, August 2015

Service Pack 1 for Remedy IT Service Management version 9.0.00 is released. For more information about the new features in this release, see:

  • Installation and upgrade updates in Service Pack 1 in Remedy IT Service Management Deployment documentation.
  • 9.0.01: Service Pack 1

 For a summary of all the announcements, see Release notes and notices. 

BMC Remedy OnDemand 9.0.00 released

BMC Remedy OnDemand version 9.0.0 is released. This release adds several utilities to enable self-service. These utilities allow you to perform certain functions yourself, without the involvement from the BMC Remedy OnDemand Operations team.

For more information, see BMC Remedy OnDemand for version 9.0.00.

About Remedy ITSM Suite and BMC Remedy OnDemand

Remedy IT Service Management Suite (Remedy ITSM Suite) provides out of-the-box IT Information Library (ITIL) service support functionality. Remedy ITSM Suite streamlines and automates the processes around IT service desk, asset management, and change management operations. It also enables you to link your business services to your IT infrastructure to help you manage the impact of technology changes on business and business changes on technology --- in real time and into the future. In addition, you can understand and optimize the user experience, balance current and future infrastructure investments, and view potential impact on the business by using a real-time service model. All this helps you manage what matters to deliver Business Service Management (BSM).

BMC Remedy OnDemand is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) offering that gives your organization access to all the benefits of BMC's industry-leading IT Service Management solutions — without the costs and overhead associated with hosting and managing on-premise software. It enables you to consume Remedy ITSM Suite by subscribing to a hosted service, which offers centralized hosting of BMC applications and data. Software upgrades are included as part of the service as soon as they become available.

Remedy ITSM Suite overview 

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  1. Prashant Patil

    The link to  BMC Remedy OnDemand for version 9.0.00. displays :

    You cannot view this page. Page level restrictions have been applied that limit access to this page.

    I am trying to access as a registered Partner? Is this not available to partners yet?


    Aug 17, 2015 09:24
  2. Sirisha Dabiru

    The link is fixed. You should be able to view the  BMC Remedy OnDemand for version 9.0.00 page.

    Aug 18, 2015 01:09
    1. Prashant Patil

       This link is again broken! Page level restrictions have been enabled!

      Aug 28, 2015 01:53
      1. Sirisha Dabiru

         The link is fixed. Please check.

        Sep 01, 2015 01:19
  3. Prashant Patil

    Fixed, Thanks

    Sep 03, 2015 09:09
  4. Venkat Maddala

    Link to Smart IT is Home for v1.1 but it reads v1.2


    Sep 19, 2015 10:03
    1. Priya Shetye

       Thank you for your comment. I have fixed the incorrect link.

      Sep 21, 2015 05:33
  5. Colin Rolls

    why is link to myIT version 2.5, isn't 2.6 out now?

    Oct 29, 2015 07:07
    1. Priya Shetye

      Thank you for your comment. I have added links for the MyIT 2.6 site.

      Oct 30, 2015 06:51
  6. Yann Baumgartner

    Where is the installation documentation gone????? I can only see SmartIT but nothing about Remedy ITSM anymore

    Nov 04, 2015 07:13
    1. Colin Rolls

      it has moved here:  if you click 'Installing' in link on this page above you get directed to it , but all the links underneath are for smartIT. confusing I know!

      Nov 04, 2015 08:57
  7. Yann Baumgartner

    Unfortunately clicking the 'Installing' link does not bring us to the page you mentioned. We still have to click on the "BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 9.0 Deployment documentation" link in the page content.

    The way "" is structured at the moment doesn't make sense and should be reworked. SmartIT cannot be the only component in the "install" section of the menu.

    Nov 09, 2015 11:43
  8. Colin Rolls

    totally agree, let's hope BMC fix it.

    Nov 09, 2015 03:20
    1. Priya Shetye

       Hello Yan, Colin,

      Thank you for your comments. We will work on fixing the issue at the earliest.

      Nov 10, 2015 07:28