This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Editing a storyboard

You can edit an existing storyboard to create a new copy, create a new version, or edit the existing storyboard. This topic provides the follwoign information:

Copying a storyboard

Copying a storyboard creates a separate copy of the storyboard,and opens in edit mode to make the required changes. The copied storyboard has the name of the original storyboard, appended with the word "(Copy)". The updates you make to the copy do not affect the original storyboard. The copied storyboard is not linked to the original storyboard from the Version History menu in the left menu bar.

You can create a copy in the following ways:

  • While editing—Select Storyboard > Copy from the top menu bar.
  • While viewing—Select Edit > Copy from the bottom menu bar.

When you copy a storyboard, the access settings are not copied.

Creating a new version of a storyboard

Creates a new version of the current storyboard and links it to the original version. You can make the required changes to the new version and save it as draft or activate it. You can view all the versions of a storyboard through the Version History menu in the left menu bar while viewing it. The draft copy of the new version resides in the same location as that of the previous active version. You must activate the new version for the updates to be available to other users.

To create a new version while viewing a storyboard, select Edit > Create New Version from the bottom menu bar.

Editing current storyboard

Opens the current version of a storyboard in edit mode to make the required changes. If a storyboard is not active yet, only the draft copy is available for editing. If a storyboard you are editing was already activated earlier, separate draft and active copies reside in the same location as that of the active storyboard. Once you activate the draft copy, it is merged with the active copy.

To edit the current storyboard while viewing a storyboard, select Edit > Edit Current from the bottom menu bar.

Saving a storyboard while previewing

An additional option to save the Storyboard is available when you are previewing a draft version of the Storyboard.

Click Edit > Save Storyboard. Then enter the details in the Save Storyboard popup window that appears when you select this option, and save the storyboard as draft, or activate it.

Adding, deleting, or copying slides in an existing storyboard

While editing a storyboard, you can add new slides, remove existing slides, or copy the slides from the same storyboard.

The Slide option in the top menu bar provides the following options:

  • New—Add a new slide to a storyboard by selecting a slide template. A new slide is added after the current slide. See Slide types.
  • Delete—Remove the current slide from your storyboard after confirmation.
  • Copy—Create a copy of the current slide. The title of the copy slide is same as the original slide followed by "(Copy)". You can change the title of a slide from the slide settings. You cannot copy a title slide because there can be only one title slide per storyboard.

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