This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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BMC Remedy Smart Reporting for version 9.0.00

This topic provides an overview of the highlighted features in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. This release introduces the next generation of BMC Remedy IT Service Management reporting and analytics — BMC Remedy Smart Reporting, which provides a superior in-app reporting solution.

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is available only after BMC Remedy ITSM version 9.0 is installed post the BMC Remedy AR System 9.0 installation or upgrade.

Key features of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting

The following new features are included in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

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Self service reporting

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is a complete web based solution that requires no desktop client installation. An easy to use reporting solution for the BMC Remedy IT Service Management applications it is installed with BMC Remedy Action Request System Server.

Main features of the self service reporting console

  • Designing Reports with ease
    • Intuitive drag and drop interface and a complete web experience
    • Semantic layer - users no longer need to understand the BMC Remedy AR System server schema to design their reports
    • WYSIWYG field names that users see on BMC Remedy Mid-Tier user interface
  • Rich Data Visualizations
    • 40 different charting options available to represent BMC Remedy ITSM data
    • Interactive charting that includes the ability to drill down, time-sliders, series selectino
  • Out of the box content for different pesonas adn ITIL processes
    • Over 90 out of the box reports, dashboards, and KPIs that an organization can use to quickly get started with the new capabilities
  • Ability to export Reports, including charts to different file formats
  • Social and collaboration capabilities that drives decision making using the solution
    • Annotations and comments for reports
    • Ability to create discussion groups related to reports

For a quick overview of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting, View the What's New video  for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

For more information about using BMC Remedy Smart Reporting, see Using BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

Key performance indicators

KPI metrics indicate performance of a process or operation and provide actionable input for decision making. BMC Remedy Smart Reporting includes KPI metrics for different ITIL processes out-of-the-box. These metrics are summary data and are summarized daily.

For more information about KPI Reports, see KPI reports.

Enterprise and SaaS Ready

  •  Flexible deployment options for different scale requirements
  • Support for multi-tenancy deployment 
  • Deploying reporting in cluster mode
  • Option to report against replicated database

For more information about BMC Remedy Smart Reporting deployment options, see Planning BMC Remedy Smart Reporting deployment.

Easy customization options for Administrators

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting provides the option for administrators to extend the semantic layer for any customizations. Administrators can easily extend the semantic view for custom BMC Remedy AR System forms, or any custom fields.

For more information on administration options available, see Administering BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

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