This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Viewing related resources in Smart IT

The Resources section allows the user to review the different resources like relevant knowledge articles, other open and closed tickets the could be related to the current ticket, and resources saved to the ticket.

The following resources are available:

  • Saved Resources:  Lists the resources that were saved by a service desk user as being useful information. These can include work orders, incidents, assets, tasks, and knowledge articles.
  • Recommended Knowledge:  Lists knowledge articles that might be relevant to the current records. The recommended articles can help you obtain additional information related to the current record. You also have the option to add additional information to them.
    Click or tap an article to preview it's details.

    The date the article was last modified, the percentage of accuracy, and keywords related to the article are displayed along with the title of the article. The last modified date would be:
    • Updated today * 8:12 am if the article was modified the same day
    • Updated: 5 days ago if the article was modified a week ago
    • Updated: date, if the article was modified more than a week ago
  • Recommended Open/Closed Tickets:  Lists tickets with similar issues or work orders. Any records for an issue or work order similar to the current ticket are listed under the Recommended Open Tickets or Recommended Closed Tickets section. The status of the ticket, short summary, and name of the user the ticket is assigned to is displayed along with the ticket number and time it was last updated.
    Click or tap a ticket to preview the details. 
  • Outages: Displays the outages for the related Asset.


    For certain assets, you can view and create outages only from the Smart IT universal client, and not from the Remedy Mid-Tier.

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