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Viewing differences between objects

The Best Practice Conversion Utility (BPCU) generates a differences report that identifies objects that differ from the origin objects. However, the differences are not described. BPCU also automatically generates the following instruction files for BMC Remedy Migrator when it is run in comparison (ReportDiff) mode:

  • migrator-instruction_<date>_<timestamp>.xml — Lists all modified objects on the server, except specific views and fields that were modified.
  • migrator-npmod-instruction_<date>_<timestamp>.xml — Lists only objects with non-permitted modifications.

These files are located in the <utilityInstallDir>\Best_Practice_Conversion_Utility\output folder.

Using these instruction files, the BMC Remedy Migrator CLI creates .migrator files that contain the new and modified objects on a server. BMC Remedy Migrator can use these .migrator files to generate detailed differences reports.

To view details of differences between objects


Ensure that you have set your BMC Remedy Migrator configuration options before performing the following procedure.

  1. On StagingServer, use the BMC Remedy Migrator instruction file that was generated in the last execution of the BPCU in comparison mode (see  information about stage 3), to create a .migrator file:
    migratorcli -m -s <serverName> -t <serverport> -u <adminUserName> -p <password> -g "Migrator Configuration.xml" -d <migratorFileDestination> -i <instructionFileNameAndPath>
    For example:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\Migrator>MigratorCli.exe -m -s "sj-svr-team-05" -t 0 -u "Demo" -p "******" -g "Migrator_Configuration.xml" -d "sj-svr-team-04" -i "migrator-instruction_201158_1304898756.xml" --layout 1 --logfile "c:\temp\temp2.html"  --dst_user "Demo" --dst_password ""


    The --dst_user and --dst_password parameters are necessary only if credentials for the destination server are different from those of the source server.

  2. From ReferenceServer, use the same BMC Remedy Migrator instruction file to create a second .migrator file.
  3. In BMC Remedy Migrator, open the .migrator file created in step 1, and compare it with the .migrator file created in step 2.
  4. Generate a report of the comparison and use it to view the details of differences between objects.

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