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Using ROI flashboards

The ROI flashboard provides a platform to compare the baseline costs that were incurred prior to implementing BMC Remedy IT Service Management with the actual costs incurred after installation. The Service Desk ROI flashboards include the baseline incident request call-handling and the baseline CI outage costs, while the BMC Change Management ROI flashboard provides the cost of failed changes.


In some cases, if the relative difference between the numbers reported in each graph is large enough, the smaller graph might not appear on the flashboard. However, a number representing the value of the smaller graph is always visible.

The information displayed in these graphs helps you to determine the return on investment (ROI) that your organization achieves from the BMC Remedy ITSM implementation.


To view the ROI console you must have ROI Viewer or ROI Admin permissions.

The ROI data is collected by the ROI flashboard component according to:

  • The customer company that you select in the ROI console
  • The date range that you specify in the ROI console
  • A set of parameters that are configured by someone with ROI Admin permissions

For descriptions of what the configured parameters mean, see BMC Service Desk User documentation and BMC Change Management user documentation.


ROI flashboards are available only for version 7.6.00 of the BMC Remedy ITSM applications and later. If you are running a mixed environment, you see only the version 7.6.00 (or later) application flashboards listed on the ROI console. For example, if you are running version 7.6.00 of BMC Change Management and version 7.5.01 of BMC Incident Management, you see only the BMC Change Management flashboards on the ROI console.

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