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Using BMC Remedy Mid Tier to update the conditions and qualification forms

  1. Open one of the forms by changing the URL path in your browser and replacing everything after your server name in the URL with the form name.
  2. Search for the records to modify.
    Use the Advanced Search Bar to find records that meet the following criteria:
    'Name*' LIKE "SLM00101_TC%"
  3. Change the appropriate Terms and Conditions fields.
    For the HPD:HPDSLM:Qualbuilder, CHG:CHGSLM:Qualbuilder, and AST:ASTSLM:Qualbuilder forms, modify the Qualification (3002714000) field by changing the values of individual fields, and then click Save.
    For example, open a record in the HPD:HPDSLM:Qualbuilder form in modify mode and change the value of the Product Categorization Tier 1 field by selecting a value from the field list or by typing in the field. When you click Save, the Qualification (3002714000) field is updated.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each of the five forms listed in the BMC Service Level Management conditions and qualifications forms table in Modifying foundation data in related applications.

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