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User interface standards for field labels

On BMC Remedy ITSM forms, field labels provide data entry hints.

The following table lists the significance of field-label formats and special characters.

Significance of field labels for data entry

Field-label format or special characters

Significance for data entry

Bold label followed by an asterisk (*)

Field is required to submit and update the form.

Note: If you leave the field blank when you attempt to submit the form, the field is highlighted with a red border.

Field label not bolded

Field is optional.

Italicized label

System-generated value for this field. Typically this field is read-only for the user.

Label followed by a plus sign

Additional functionality is associated with this field. Typically, you access this functionality by pressing Enter. For example, you might press Enter in a field to access a search dialog box or to perform a search based on the value typed into the field.
If a field label followed by a plus sign is also bolded, the field is required. Otherwise, the field is optional.

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