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Upgrading without overlays already present


Before you proceed with the upgrade, review the Planning the upgrade topic.  

Refer to the following topics to proceed with upgrading without overlays already present:

Upgrading from a version earlier than 7.6.04You must create overlays by using the Best Practice Conversion Utility (BPCU) before you upgrade the BMC Remedy AR System server. See Creating overlays with the Best Practice Conversion Utility.

Choosing to use a staging server for upgrade

The staged-upgrade process allows you to upgrade your application and create overlays or otherwise address pre-existing customizations to your BMC Remedy AR System server objects while your production server remains available to users. See Stage 1 - Setting up a staging server for upgrades without overlays already present.
Upgrade scenarios

A process overview and end-to-end upgrade steps are provided for the following scenarios:

In-place upgrade is not recommended if you have overlays already implemented.

Stages in upgrading without overlays

Upgrade without overlays comprises the following stages:

Stage 1 - Setting up a staging server for upgrades without overlays

Stage 2 - Upgrade AR System server without overlays present

Stage 3 - Create overlays for existing customizations

Stage 4 - Acquire origin objects (optional)

Stage 5 - Restore origin objects to the staging server (optional)

Stage 6 - Minimize overlays (optional)

Stage 7 - Upgrade applications and adjust customizations with new overlays

Stage 8 - Test and promote staging server to production with new overlays


The upgrade process described here uses the BPCU and the BMC Remedy Migrator tool in working with overlays and custom objects. If you are very familiar with your application, you can use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to accomplish the same tasks. 

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