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Submitting service requests using Smart IT

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  1. Leonard Warren

    Now I see where you are coming from in the SRM world  The confusion will be to the Service Tech on whether or not they will know if the person that calls in to submit for someone else can perform the On Behalf Of operation  That will be a tricky part unless there is something that indicates the technician can add in a person having the issue and another person making the call  Is there an indication of that caller being able to submit on behalf of someone else?


    Dec 17, 2014 01:00
    1. Catherine Siderine

      Hi Leonard,

      Thanks for your question. In Smart Recorder you can add more than one person's name. Next to the name, there's a selection field where you can indicate whether the person is the "Customer" or the "Contact." In the case of service requests, Customer = Requested For user and Contact = Requested By user.

      Using this information and any OBO rules configured on the backend, the Smart Recorder will determine whether the Contact is authorized to act on behalf of the Customer.



      Dec 19, 2014 12:11