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Staging form filters

You can customize the following types of filters. These types of filters run on modify and only on records that have not been promoted:

  • Filters that run on validation — The filters that perform the validations are coded in the 200-299 execution order range. For fields that must be set for use in validation, the filters with those actions are coded in this range. Validation filters look at the keyword VALIDATE.
  • Filters that run on promote — The calculation filters that set the fields needed for promotion, and the filters that perform the actual promotion (push to target forms) are coded in the 700-798 execution order range. Promotion filters look at keyword LOAD.


You should never have filters that run on Submit or Merge as they have the potential to cause issues during the Load step.

The following table lists the execution order and filter actions for the staging forms.


Make customizations only in the 200-299 and the 700-798 execution order range.

Execution order and filter actions

Execution order

Filter actions


Skip to execution order 1001

10 - 13

Related to error handling

200 - 299



Set data load status to Validated


If any field data is changed, set data load status to Unvalidated

700 - 798

Calculation, promotion


Set data load status to Promoted


Delete record

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