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Searching all records from a hub server

The search form described in this procedure is associated only with hub and spoke environments.

Use this type of search from the hub server when you are looking for a record not associated with your ID or your group's ID, or any time you must search all records.


The hub and spoke search is limited to only the fields that you see on the Hub and Spoke Search form.

To search all records

  1. From the Navigation pane of the hub server, choose Functions > Search applicationName.
    The Hub and Spoke Search console appears.
  2. Enter the search criteria.
  3. When you finish entering your search criteria, click Search.
    When the search finishes, the search results list contains all the records that match the search criteria.
  4. Scroll through the results list to find the specific records that you want.


    When you open a record from the search results table, it is added to the history list, but not to the breadcrumb bar. However, any related records that you open from the record do appear in the breadcrumb bar and get added to the history list

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