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Scenarios for creating tickets using Smart IT

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  1. Leonard Warren

    There is nothing here to reference using SRM but SRM can be installed and used by SmartIT  So my question on SRM is - Do I need to have On Behalf of set up for the Service Tech to generate a request for someone using SRM Template?

    Dec 17, 2014 12:56
    1. Leonard Warren

      Just saw the process on the next link  However, this title is confusing and should be changed to read something like - Submitting Incident Related tickets - as I took it to submit any type of request

      Dec 17, 2014 01:01
      1. Bruce Cane

        Hi Warren,

        Just want to make sure that I understand your first two comments here. From the second comment, it sounds like you found the answer to your question in the first comment. Is that correct?

        Specifically, which title do you find confusing?

        Thanks for clarifying.


        Dec 18, 2014 10:05
        1. Leonard Warren


          The title on this page states creating tickets using Smart IT and then there is a second section on using Smart IT to generate Service Request tickets  So this one should be retitled to reference Incident and Task tickets not just to keep it as a generic title


          Yes the second section does answer my SRM question

          Dec 19, 2014 06:01
          1. Bruce Cane

            Hi Warren, that section isn't really about creating service request tickets, per se, it's about using the Create New menu to generate a ticket. The section uses an incident request ticket as an example.

            I'll make that more clear in the introduction to the section.


            Dec 22, 2014 11:06
  2. Leonard Warren

    Are these templates referenced coming from Incident and SRD Templates or something else - cannot tell from this page?  Also, are these templates restricted to the Support Groups associated with the Templates or are they able to be set up globally?

    Dec 17, 2014 12:57
    1. Bruce Cane

      Hi Warren,

      The Incident templates that Smart IT uses are the templates that you set up and configure for BMC Service Desk: Incident Management, as described here: . 

      I'll follow up on your question about Support Groups, but first, can you clarify, are you talking about newly created templates, ie, must you assign a new template to a support group or can they be accessed globally? OR, existing templates, ie, can any support group use an existing template or is template use restricted to the support group associated with the template?



      Dec 18, 2014 10:29
      1. Leonard Warren

        When you generate an Incident Template, there is the Authoring Group setting that requires the Support Groups to have permissions to these templates  Thus, the concern is if I am to have SmartIT search for templates and it picks up one that my Support Group DOES NOT have permissions under this Authoring Group setting, then will I see those templates or not? If I do see those templates, will I get an error that indicates that I cannot use it due to permissions?  Basically, what is SmartIT searching on within the templates - by what is typed into the description of what the customer is calling about and not considering permissions?


        Dec 19, 2014 06:04
      1. Leonard Warren

        One of the problems I have with Incident Templates is that I cannot select - Global - company for the Authoring Group so I cannot use a Custom Template as a Global Service Request option as it is restricted to the Support Company listed on that field  Thus, my question is related to SmartIT picking up Incident Templates that is set for a support company called "IT Smarts Company" and no other Support Groups listed; however, a) I do not have permissions to IT Smarts Company data and b) I do not have access as a Support Group to see this template from the HPD:Help Desk form  So will I see this template in SmartIT when the end user calls and the issue is related to this template?

        Dec 19, 2014 06:07
        1. Bruce Cane

          Hi Warren, thanks for the clarification. I'll forward your questions on to someone who knows a bit more about templates than I do.

          Dec 22, 2014 11:58
        1. Bruce Cane

          Hi Leondard, I have some information from the development team about the way that Smart IT searches for templates. I hope this helps. Let me know if you still have questions:

          "Smart IT has expanded [how it searches for templates, [no longer limiting the search ] to the Support Groups.

          Instead, Smart IT searches [for] templates based on the Customer Company, Global Company, and Service Provider company of the service desk agent. That [company] is matched against the company of the Authoring Support Groups specified against the Template."

          Jan 08, 2015 10:55