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Problem management user roles

This section describes the end user roles for the Problem Management feature. It contains information about the following roles:


Problem coordinator

Problem coordinators are responsible for the quality and integrity of the problem management process. Problem coordinators have full access to problem investigations, known errors, and solution entries assigned to their support groups.


Problem coordinators require at least the permission of Problem User to access Problem Management. In addition, they must have the functional role of Problem Coordinator to perform the problem coordinator's duties.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing the incident requests that have been related to the services for which they act as the problem coordinator, to help identify problems
  • Ensuring that the problems for which they are responsible, including the ones that have been identified within the Availability and Capacity Management processes, progress through the problem management process in a timely and prioritized fashion
  • Ensuring that the information entered in the problem investigations and known errors that they manage is accurate and complete
  • Reviewing periodically their problem investigations for which a practical structural solution can not be found
  • Verifying structural solutions and closing the known errors and problem investigations that they manage


Specialists work on problem investigations, known errors, and solution entries as assigned. Their responsibilities include:

  • Suggesting workarounds for problems
  • Establishing the root causes of identified problems
  • Proposing structural solutions (that is, permanent solutions) for problems
  • Implementing structural solutions for problems if the Change Management process is not required
  • Updating the problem investigation with relevant information and status changes

Individuals fulfilling the role of a specialist require Problem User permissions to access the Problem Management feature. Permissions are assigned to individuals by the system administrator.

For more information about Problem Management permissions, see Problem Management permissions.

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