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Preparing to use the AZ Compression utility (for BMC Service Request Management)

The AZ Compression utility is used for packaging the adapter components that Identity Request Management will use. This utility restricts and validates the folder structure that must be maintained to proceed with the compression.

Before running the AZ Compression utility, ensure that the following folder structure is observed:

  • The name of the folder specified as the source for the compression task includes the adapterType value. Within this folder, a subfolder exists and its name includes the adapter's version number.
  • The lib and config folders exists within the version folder. The lib folder contains only the JAR files. The vendor-specific components for the particular adapter are inside the JAR files.
  • The config folder includes the AdapterCommonConfiguration.xml and AdapterParameters.xml files.
    The templates for this are available in <mediaDevice>\IRM\Development\Kit\Adapter_Compression\Templates.
    The AdapterCommonConfiguration.xml file is configured according to the schema provided. It has the following required parameters:
    • adapterType — The name of the adapter by which it will be referred. For example, for CONTROL-SA, the adapterType could be ctsa.
    • version — The adapter version number
    • className — The fully qualified class name of the adapter that will be the entry point for Identity Request Management to use the Identity Management services through the adapter


      The AZ Compression utility validates the existence of the values for adapterType, version, and className in the AdapterCommonConfiguration.xml file.

      The AdapterCommonConfiguration.xsd file (which is shipped with Identity Request Management) validates the AdapterCommonConfiguration.xml file.

      The AdapterParameters.xml file contains the adapter-specific parameters to connect to a specific identity management backend application.

To run the AZ Compression utility

  • (Windows) Run the following batch file:
    <mediaDevice>\IRM_Development_Kit\Adapter_Compression\AZCompression.bat <sourceFolder> <version> <destinationLocation>
  • (UNIX) Run the following script:
    <mediaDevice>/IRM_Development_Kit/Adapter_Compression/ <sourceFolder> <version> <destinationLocation>

The parameters for the batch file and script are as follows:

  • <sourceFolder> — Adapter location from where the files need to be compressed
  • <version> — Adapter version number
  • <destinationLocation> — Location where the compressed file is placed. A file with the name <adapterType_Version>.AZ file is created.

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