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Preparing an application for installation

Before installing an application, complete the following steps.

To prepare an application for installation

  1. Ensure that the application is compatible with your system.
  2. Review the release notes, technical bulletins, and the compatibility matrix at for the latest, most complete information about what is officially supported.
  3. Obtain all of the licenses that you need, and install the licenses to the BMC Remedy AR System server before you install the application.
    The BMC Remedy AR System server license must be added immediately after the BMC Remedy AR System server installation and before proceeding with the installation of BMC Atrium CMDB.


    An AR System and application fixed license is required for each user created in the system. For sample user data, you must have 15 available fixed licenses, or the sample data will not be installed. Also, any other sample data that reference the user sample data will not be valid. To correctly load sample data, BMC Software recommends at least 20 fixed licenses for BMC Remedy AR System and each application.

    After you have added a BMC Remedy AR System server license, you need to add the BMC Atrium Core application licenses. The Atrium CMDB licenses are automatically added by the BMC Atrium CMDB installer.
    For information about licensing, see Activating application licenses and Working with BMC Remedy AR System licenses.
    For BMC Remedy ITSM, you must activate multiple application licenses prior to installing the product. These licenses include:
    • For any BMC Remedy ITSM application:
      • AR Server license
      • AR User fixed license
      • BMC Remedy Full Text Search (FTS) license (mandatory, before installing BMC Remedy ITSM, if you intend to install BMC Knowledge Management)
      • Atrium CMDB Application license
      • Financial Management Application license
      • Financial Management User fixed license
    • For BMC Asset Management:
      • Asset Management Application license
      • Asset Management User fixed license
    • For BMC Change Management:
      • Change Management Dashboard Application license
      • Change Management Application license
      • Change Management User fixed license
    • For BMC Service Desk:
      • Incident Management Application license
      • Incident Management User fixed license
      • Problem Management Application license
      • Problem Management User fixed license
        When adding these licenses, the following points must be noted:
    • Before you begin installing BMC Remedy ITSM applications, you must install the BMC Remedy ITSM application licenses on your primary BMC Remedy AR System server. These licenses need to be added depending on the applications that you are installing. BMC Remedy ITSM application licenses can be added in any order.
    • If you installing BMC Asset Management, BMC Change Management, or BMC Service Desk applications, you must add the Financial Management application license.
    • If you are installing the BMC Change Management application, the Change Management Dashboard application license must be applied before running the BMC Change Management application installer. If you do not apply this license then the program will display a warning. If you ignore the warning, you will receive a data import error.
  4. If you are downloading the applications, extract the compressed files into a working directory, from which you can run the installation.
  5. Install the latest patches for the products you are installing.


    All installed BMC Remedy ITSM 7.0x applications must be at version BMC Remedy ITSM 7.0.03 patch 009 or later before you upgrade to BMC Remedy ITSM 7.5.00 or later.

  6. Ensure that the server meets the minimum hardware requirements described in the BMC Remedy AR System application hardware requirements.
    Installing applications onto an underpowered server can result in unexpected system behavior, which can include installation errors, slow response time, and sudden application stoppages.


    As of BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 7.6.04, object reservation is automatically disabled by the installer during installation.

  7. Install all supporting applications in the correct order.
    For more information, see Installation process overview.
  8. For HP-UX and Linux systems, configure the operating system to allow long file names to be read and copied.
    You might find operating system configuration issues in installing directly from a DVD. In some cases, the DVD mount might cause long file names from the DVD not to work.
  9. Check the websites of the suppliers of the platforms in use at your site to verify that they are still supported.
    BMC does not support platforms that are no longer supported by the vendor. Carefully read the system requirements for your particular operating system, especially the patch requirements.
  10. Ensure that no program is using port 12333. The installer uses port 12333 so you should not run any programs during the installation that use port 12333. Once the installation is complete, programs can resume using port 12333.
  11. You may choose to add an FTS license if none exists, as described in Adding FTS licenses. For BMC Knowledge Management, FTS is required. The installer disables FTS indexing before the installation (if it is already enabled) and enables FTS indexing before the end of installation.


    If you are installing the Russian version of the BMC Remedy ITSM applications, ensure that you are using a non-Unicode database. The Russian version does not support Unicode.The installed Russian version cannot coexist with other installed language versions with the exception of the English version.

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