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Performing the data migration for server groups

  1. Perform the delta data migration on the primary staging server.
    At this point, the outage window has begun and the final data migration is complete.
    • If you are using a load balancer in front of the mid tiers, make all mid tiers are unavailable in the load balancer.
    • If you are using a load balancer between the mid tiers and the BMC Remedy AR System servers, make all BMC Remedy AR System servers unavailable in the load balancer.
  2. Stop all AR System servers in the server group.
  3. Promote the staging server to the production server group.
    1. Rename the staging server to the same host name as the production administration server.
      The staging server will replace the original administration server in the server group.
    2. Restart the AR System server.
    3. Make the administration server available in the load balancer.
    4. Verify that you can connect to the administration server by using the AR System server Virtual IP (VIP).
  4. If you have not already done so, upgrade one of the mid tier servers.


    Because the mid tier server is backwards compatible, you can the upgrade the mid tier servers before the AR System server upgrades.

    1. After the upgrade, flush the mid tier cache to update it for the latest release.
    2. After the mid tier cache is refreshed, make the mid tier available in the load balancer.
    3. Verify that you can connect to the AR System server through the mid tier VIP.
      At this point, the production environment is running in a diminished capacity (there is one mid tier and one AR System server).
  5. Upgrade each secondary AR System server in the server group.
    1. Point the database client to the newly-upgraded database instance that is set up on the staging server.
      This is the new production database.
    2. If needed, update the BMC Remedy AR System server configuration file with the new database connection information.
    3. Upgrade each BMC Remedy components by following the upgrade instructions provided with each component.
      Follow any special instructions related to server group environments. Upgrade in the following order:
      • BMC Remedy AR System
      • BMC Atrium
      • BMC Remedy ITSM
      • BMC Service Level Management
      • BMC Service Request Management
      • BMC Remedy Knowledge Management
      • BMC Service Impact Manager
      • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    4. Verify that you can connect directly to this AR System server.
    5. Make each AR System server available in the load balancer.
  6. Upgrade the remaining mid tier servers by following the procedure in step 4.


    This step should be done in parallel with the upgrade of the secondary AR System server, or before beginning the upgrade of the production server group.

  7. Review the server group managed services to ensure that the rankings for the services are set up correctly in the AR Server Group Operation Ranking form.

The production environment is now fully functional and at full capacity.

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