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Notification events

On the People.xlsx spreadsheet, the NTE_LoadCFGNotificationEvents tab includes columns for Module Name and Notification Event, both of which are required fields. This section lists the module names in BMC Remedy ITSM 7.6 or later along with the applicable notification events.

Module names and applicable notification events

BMC Remedy ITSM 7.6 or later module

Applicable notification events

Asset Management

  • Asset Scheduled Decommission
  • Asset Scheduled Maintenance
  • Bulk Inventory Reorder
  • CI Status Change
  • Configuration Item Approval
  • Configuration Scheduled Maintenance
  • Contract Expiration
  • Contract Expiration Warning
  • Escalated Notifications
  • License Management Exception
  • Resolution Escalation
  • Response Escalation
  • Unavailability Assignment


Broadcast Notification


  • Assignment
  • Change Associations
  • Incident Escalation
  • Known Error Solution
  • Known Error Workaround
  • OLA Resolution Escalated Notification
  • OLA Resolution Escalation
  • OLA Response Escalated Notification
  • OLA Response Escalation
  • Ownership Assignment
  • Problem Investigation Associations
  • Problem Investigation Completion
  • Resolution
  • SLA Resolution Escalated Notification
  • SLA Resolution Escalation
  • SLA Response Escalated Notification
  • SLA Response Escalation
  • UC Resolution Escalated Notification
  • UC Resolution Escalation
  • UC Response Escalated Notification
  • UC Response Escalation
  • Unavailability Restored

Infrastructure Change

  • Approval
  • Approval Information
  • Approval Resolution Escalated Notification
  • Approval Resolution Escalation
  • Change Coordinator Assignment
  • Change Coordinator Approval Rejection
  • Change Coordinator Completion
  • Change Coordinator Latent Completion
  • Change Coordinator Planning
  • Change Coordinator Pre-planning
  • Change Coordinator Re-scheduled
  • Change Coordinator Scheduled
  • Change Coordinator Scheduled For Review
  • Change Manager Assignment
  • Change Manager Approval Rejection
  • Change Manager Completion
  • Change Manager Group Escalation
  • Change Manager Latent Completion
  • Change Manager Next Dependent Change
  • Change Manager Planning
  • Change Manager Pre-planning
  • Change Manager Predecessor Completion
  • Change Manager Re-scheduled
  • Change Manager Scheduled
  • Change Manager Scheduled for Review
  • Change Worklog Assignment
  • Implementer Assignment
  • Implementer Planning
  • Implementer Pre-planner
  • Implementer Scheduled
  • Manual Notification
  • Non-Approval Information
  • OLA Resolution Escalated Notification
  • OLA Resolution Escalation
  • OLA Response Escalated Notification
  • OLA Response Escalation
  • Requester Change Cancellation
  • Requester Change Receipt Confirmation
  • Requester Completion
  • Requester Change Re-scheduled
  • Requester Change Scheduled
  • Requester Rejection
  • SLA Response Escalated Notification
  • Task Cancellation
  • Task Pending
  • Unavailability Restored

Problem Management

  • Change Completed
  • Known Error Assignment
  • Known Error Manager Assignment
  • Problem Assignment
  • Problem Cancelled
  • Problem Completed
  • Problem Coordinator Assignment
  • Solution Assignment
  • Unavailability Restored


Reminders Notification

Request Management

  • Assignment
  • Request Cancellation
  • Request Definition Status Changed
  • Request Manager Assignment
  • Request Rejected
  • Request Response Escalation
  • Request Status Changed
  • Request Submitted
  • Work Order Assignee Assignment
  • Work Order Manager Assignment
  • Work Order Status Cancelled
  • Work Order Status Completed
  • Work Order Status In Progress
  • Work Order Status Pending
  • Work Order Status Rejected
  • Work Order Submit

Task Management

  • Task Assigned
  • Task Status Changed

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