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Modifying workflow to promote custom fields

For most forms, you do not need to modify the workflow for creating data on the target forms. However, you will have to modify the workflow that updates the data from the staging forms to the target forms. These filters have defined mappings.

To modify workflow to promote custom fields

  1. Copy the new field from the target form to the staging form.
  2. View the filters on the staging form.
  3. Open the filter that pushes to the target form.
    This filter is in the 700-799 range. For example, on the FIN:LoadCostCenterUDAAssoc form, the filter is called FIN:DCU:CreatCostCenterUDA_750_FIN'!
  4. On the If Action tab, in the fields area, choose the Name and choose Value> Field.
    The Name indicates the field name on the target form. Choose Value> Field to select the field name on the staging form. These two fields might be the same field name.
  5. Save your changes.


In addition to the above steps, you may have to add validation steps to the transformation and validation workflows in the staging or load forms per your requirement and customization needs. The customization needs may differ for each customer.

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