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Migrator tools

If you are upgrading BMC Remedy AR System, familiarize yourself with the following BMC tools to help accelerate the upgrade process.

The following tools are required if overlays are not implemented in your system:

  • Best Practices Conversion Utility (BPCU) — The BPCU helps identify platform and application customizations and convert them to overlays.
  • BMC Remedy Migrator tool — The BMC Remedy Migrator tool helps you synchronize data among your AR System development, staging, and production systems.

The following tool is needed to perform the staged-upgrade, whether or not overlays are implemented:

  • Delta Data Migration tool — The Delta Data Migration tool allows you to upload the data that changed on a production server during the time that a staging server was being upgraded.

The following tool is required for all upgrades:

  • BMC Remedy Developer Studio — BMC Remedy Developer Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for BMC Remedy AR System applications.


The upgrade process described here uses the BPCU and the BMC Remedy Migrator tool in working with overlays and custom objects. If you are very familiar with your application, you can use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to accomplish the same tasks.

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Installing BMC Remedy Migrator for migrating delta data

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