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Migrating tables to a 32 KB table space in IBM DB2

BMC recommends that you upgrade your IBM DB2 database server to at least version 9.7 before upgrading the BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) Suite. If you are unable to upgrade your DB2 database server to the recommended version, you must migrate some tables from the original 16 KB table space to the 32 KB table space that you create as part of the configuration process described in Preparing your DB2 database before you upgrade.

The following procedure helps you to identify the tables that you must migrate. Refer to the DB2 documentation for instructions to migrate those tables to the 32 KB table space.


You must migrate the identified tables only if you plan to upgrade BMC Change Management or BMC Knowledge Management.

To identify the tables that must be migrated to a 32 KB table space

  1. Execute the following DB2 command to obtain a list of schema IDs that correspond to certain BMC Remedy AR System forms:
    SELECT schemaId FROM arschema WHERE name = 'FORM'
    FORM is replaced by each of the following forms:
    • BMC Change Management application forms:
      • CHG:LoadInfrastructureChange
    • BMC Knowledge Management application forms:
      • RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager
      • RKM:LoadKnowledgeArticleManager
      • RKM:KnownErrorTemplate
      • RKM:LoadKnownErrorTemplate
      • RKM:ReferenceTemplate
      • RKM:DecisionTreeTemplate
      • RKM:ProblemSolutionTemplate
      • RKM:HowToTemplate
      • RKM:LoadHowToTemplate
    • BMC Service Request Management application forms:
      • WOI:WorkOrderInterface_Create


        The forms for which you execute this command depends on whether you plan to upgrade BMC Change Management or BMC Knowledge Management.

        Upgrading BMC Change Management will also upgrade BMC Asset Management and BMC Service Desk. For more information, see Mixed version upgrades.

  2. Prefix each resulting schema ID with T, B, and H to obtain a set of 3 table names for each form. For example, if the schema ID is 100, the corresponding table names will be:
    • T100
    • B100
    • H100

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