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Managing data errors

The Error Management window provides a unified location for error handling.

This topic provides the following information:

You must use the Error Management window to correct records that are validated or promoted with errors. Only unvalidated records and records that are validated or promoted without errors can be modified elsewhere.


Error Management is not supported by BMC Service Request Management.

For BMC Asset Management, you can only view errors in the Error Management window. Staging forms are not built for CI loads which means that errors will need to be corrected in the source files before the jobs can be re-run.

To fix errors

  1. In the Job Console select Other Functions > Error Management.
  2. On the Error Management window in the Errors pane, expand an error down to the staging form layer.


    A DMT Admin will see all of the jobs for their company or companies in the Errors pane.

    When the staging form is highlighted, the error details panel lists the errors that match the staging form and error code.
    When a row in the error details panel is selected, the replacement fields are populated with the data specific to that error/staging form combination. If more than one row is selected, the replacement fields will be populated with the data from the first selection.
    Error Management example

    (Click the image to expand it.)

  3. Enter the correct information to fix the error:
  4. If you want to add or delete fields when correcting a staging form, click Field Maintenance. A screen opens with Available Fields, and Selected Fields panels.
  5. Add fields from the Available fields to the Selected Fields, or remove fields from the Selected Fields panel by using the arrow buttons.


    The maximum fields that can be shown in the replacement fields panel is six. If you select more than six fields, you must double-click the affected row in the results list table, and edit the actual staging form record.

  6. Click OK. The fields you selected now appear in the replacement fields panel.
  7. Click Update Staging.
  8. When prompted for confirmation, click Yes. The system updates the staging form with the corrections you made.


    If you want to change the value for a replacement field to a blank value, you must click Null. This will cause the field to be cleared on all the selected staging form records.

  9. Click Refresh. The Errors pane and the results list table are refreshed, and the updated staging form records are no longer visible.

To delete errors

  1. Select the staging form records in the results list table.
  2. Click Delete Staging.
  3. When prompted for confirmation, click Yes.

Where to go from here

When the records have been either updated or deleted for your job, go to the Job window for your job and click Re-Run from Validate to verify that your changes have fixed the errors and have not generated new errors. A Re-Run from Validate can occur as many times as required to cleanse all validation errors.


CI loads do not support Re-Run from Validate. Re-Run from Validate is not supported for CIs because the process to distribute CI data to BMC Atrium core forms does not involve uploading data using staging forms.

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