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License check

Validation for available licenses occurs at the beginning of the LoadPeople Promote step. Validation is necessary because multiple users can promote people records at the same time, and could pass validation if enough write licenses are available. However, they could then fail validation if they are the second user to promote records.

If the license check fails, a LICENSE CHECK message appears in the System Messages column in the Job window and the wait flag is set for the job. The error text is set for the Promote step with the available and required license counts at run time.


The license check assumes that all people are new people during the check.

To retrieve the details for the LICENSE CHECK system message:
  1. From the Job window, double-click on the Promote step to open the Step Details window.
  2. Click the expand button next to the System Messages field.

   The System Messages dialog box displays the message details, which includes the following information

    • License Available: the number of licenses you currently have available.
    • Licenses Required: the number of licenses you intend to activate with the job.


  • If the license check determines that even one of the applications does not have enough licenses, the message contains details for all of the applications, as shown in the following example.
  • For Process Designer, there is no need to provide/install any license keys – the product will run against any licensed ITSM 7.6.04 onwards version of AR server.
Example messages with meanings
  • Configuration/Asset Management - Licenses Available: -2 Licenses Required: 2

According to this message, BMC Asset Management requires 4 licenses. The message shows that the current implementation of Asset Management is short by 2 licenses ("Licenses Available: -2") and that you will need to add two more licenses for the planned activation, ("Licenses Required: 2"). Because you are short by 2 licenses and need to acquire 2 more licenses, you need 4 licenses.

  • Change Management - Licenses Available: 1 Licenses Required: 3

According to this message, BMC Change Management requires 2 licenses. The message shows that the current implementation of Change Management has one spare license ("Licenses Available: 1) and the planned implementation needs 3 licenses ("Licenses Required: 3"). Because you already have a spare license with the current implementation, to fulfill the planned implementation you only need to acquire 2 more licenses.

  • Incident Mgmt/Service Desk - Licenses Available: -17 Licenses Required: 1

According to this message, BMC Service Desk: Incident Management needs 18 licenses.

  • Problem Management - Licenses Available: 2 Licenses Required: 2

According to this message, BMC Service Desk: Problem Management has sufficient licenses.

  • Service Level Management - Licenses Available: 18 Licenses Required: 1

According to this message, Service Level Management has sufficient licenses.

  • AR User - Licenses Available: 22 Licenses Required: 19 (ARERR 48937)

According to this message, BMC Remedy Action Request System has sufficient licenses.

After you address the license issue (for example, added more licenses), return to the Job window and click Continue to run the job.

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