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ITIL and BMC Remedy ITSM

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the foundation for achieving the goals of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM) applications.

ITIL provides the leading set of best practices for service management. It defines important business processes and provides a flexible well-designed framework that can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

ITIL defines a broad set of recommendations that explain effective ways to handle many aspects of IT support and delivery, including asset and configuration management, change management, release management, incident management, and problem management.

BMC Remedy ITSM automates standard ITIL processes out of the box. Extensive configuration options enable you to tailor the applications to the needs of your organization. The following table maps ITIL processes to BMC Remedy ITSM applications. 

ITIL processes and BMC Remedy ITSM applications

ITIL process

BMC Remedy ITSM application

Change management

BMC Change Management

Release management

Release Management (part of BMC Change Management)

Incident management

Incident Management feature of BMC Service Desk

Problem management

Problem Management feature of BMC Service Desk

Service asset and configuration management

BMC Asset Management

Service level management

BMC Service Level Management

Service request management

BMC Service Request Management

Knowledge management

BMC Knowledge Management

ITIL describes best practices at a high level. It provides guidance on steps to take, processes, and workflows. Organizations are then free to implement the work-level procedures for daily activities that apply to their requirements.

The BMC Service Management Process Model illustrates how ITIL processes map to work instructions performed in the BMC Remedy ITSM applications.

Best Practice views of key forms help streamline work to ITIL best practices.

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  1. Thomas Hammer

    Please revise two things:

    1) White space on this page - > far to much

    2) Release-Management --> BMC Remedy Release-Management,

    Even if the module is the same. It is confusing to mention Change-Management twice. People must not use the Remedy Change-Management application to do release-management.

    Nov 17, 2014 04:29
    1. Kathryn Sheridan

      Thanks for your comments.  I have addressed the white space issue.

      We don't refer to Release Management as BMC Remedy Release Management.  It is considered part of the BMC Change Management application.

      Nov 18, 2014 02:53