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Invalid field mappings in join forms

When you upgrade BMC Remedy IT Service Management, if the installer detects invalid field mappings, you can refer to the CIDataMig.log file to identify the forms and fields that require correction.

If a field has been mapped from the secondary form of one of the identified self join forms, the mapping is considered invalid. Instead, the field should be mapped from the primary form. During the upgrade, these join forms are modified, and the secondary form is replaced by the AST:Attributes form. For more information, see Join architecture.

Use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to correct the join form by deleting the invalid field mapping. The source field can be mapped from the primary form of the join form, with the same field ID assigned again to preserve any references.  

For information about changes to BMC Remedy ITSM lifecycle fields, see Changes to the BMC Atrium CMDB for BMC Remedy ITSM.

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