This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Installing online help on UNIX

  1. Run the application installation script according to one of the following methods.
    • If you are installing from the DVD:
      1. Mount the DVD that contains the product.You can do this either locally or remotely.
      2. Run from the Help directory, which is located under the root directory.
    • If you are installing files that you downloaded:
      1. Change to the working directory containing the application files that you downloaded and then uncompressed.
      2. Change directory to Help.
      3. Run
  2. At the license agreement prompt, review the user license and maintenance agreement.
  3. When prompted to accept the Licensing and Maintenance agreement, press Enter. In a typical installation, where the product is installed on another system, a message appears indicating that no local BMC Remedy AR System server was detected.
  4. When prompted for the BMC Remedy AR System server name, type the name of the BMC Remedy AR System server on which the product is installed.
  5. At the TCP/IP port prompt, press Enter to use the portmapper, or type the port number.
  6. At the confirmation prompt, press Enter.
  7. When prompted for the BMC Remedy AR System administrator ID, press Enter to accept the default value or, type another BMC Remedy AR System Administrator ID.
  8. When prompted for the BMC Remedy AR System administrator password, type the BMC Remedy AR System administrator password corresponding to the ID you typed.
  9. When prompted to select the language for help, type the number for the language. If needed, separate the numbers for multiple languages with commas.
  10. Choose one of these options for installing the web server.
    • Type the letter corresponding to one of the listed web server types.
    • Type O to install online help on a different web server. If you select this option, you must configure your web server and specify a URL pointing to Help. This is the location that you indicate in step 14.
    • Type n to install online help in the directory you specify, but without making it available on a web server. Skip to step 14.
  11. When prompted for the web server configuration file, type the path to the web server's configuration file. 


    Make sure you enter the correct web server port number.

  12. Press Enter to accept the default HTTP port number, or type another port number.
  13. At the confirmation prompt for web server information, press Enter to accept the default value, or type n to make changes.
  14. When prompted for the Help installation directory, press Enter to accept the default directory, or type a different directory.
    The installer checks to make sure the target directory contains sufficient free disk space required to install help.
  15. If you are installing online help on a web server, a prompt appears asking for the online help URL.
  16. When prompted to confirm the installation information, press Enter.
    The installer begins copying the files, and an installation message appears when the installation is complete.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.