This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Installing applications on the primary server

This section describes how to install the first server in the server group installation. These procedures assume that you have downloaded the software and are ready to go.


  • Identify the database and IP address that the server group will share, as well as the database login information and database settings. All your AR System servers will connect to this database.
  • On Microsoft Windows, you must be logged on as a domain user on the server rather than a local user when performing installations. The installer needs to copy files to the database server. On UNIX, you must also be logged on with a user who has permissions to copy files to the database server.

To install BMC applications on the primary server

Read through the instructions for each step carefully before attempting to perform the procedures.

  1. Install the BMC Remedy AR System server.
    The first server needs to be set up and configured as a standalone server when installed. Following the installation, the server is manually configured to be a server group member.
  2. Back up the BMC Remedy AR System database.
    This enables you to restore BMC Remedy AR System to its pre-installation state if you encounter problems.


    The product workflow is installed in overwrite mode.

  3. Install the BMC Remedy Mid Tier installation on the computer that hosts the web server.
    Identify the computer that you will use to host the web server and install the mid tier there. You use the mid tier to:
    • Confirm that the product installations are working correctly
    • Access the server administration console to perform configuration options
    • Access all the other AR System servers in your server group


      BMC recommends that you install the mid tier on a different computer than the computer where you installed the AR System server. Depending on the environment and performance considerations, you can install the mid tier on the same system as the AR System server, but this is not recommended except in test environments, not production environments.

  4. Test that the installation is working correctly by opening the mid tier and confirming that the forms render in the mid tier interface.
  5. Activate the Remedy AR Server License on the first server.
  6. Install other BMC Remedy products on the first server (when repeating step 5, make sure to install the correct product license for the specific product being installed).
    BMC recommends that you install the products in the following order:
    • BMC Atrium Core
    • BMC Remedy ITSM Suite
    • BMC Service Request Management
    • BMC Service Level Management

Where to go from here

Installing the AR System server and Mid Tier in your server group

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