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Installation process flow


Be sure to review the installation flow diagram at the end of this section.

After the installer upgrades the BMC Remedy ITSM applications, it invokes the multi-tenancy update utility. The update utility asks you if your environment has a customized multi-tenancy model.

  • If you answer yes, the utility stops running so that you can reconcile the customizations. After you finish reconciling the customizations, you must either re-run the installer or start the utility manually.
  • If you answer no, the utility begins processing the multi-tenancy updates.

The update utility scans your database and if it detects more than 20 million records (which will take an extended period of time to process), it gives you the option of continuing with the update or running it at a later time.

  • If you choose to run it now, the utility continues.
  • If you choose to run it at a later time, the utility stops running. To apply the multi-tenancy update, you must either re-run the installer or start the utility manually.

If the update utility encounters any data errors while it is processing the update, the utility stops running so that you can troubleshoot the data errors. After you troubleshoot and fix the data errors, you must restart the utility manually. The restarted utility begins at the point where it stopped upon detecting the data error, and continues to process the updates. The process of updating, checking for data errors, and troubleshooting data errors is iterative until no data errors are detected and the utility finishes running.

If you use the delta data migration process during your upgrade, you must re-run the update utility manually to reapply the multi-tenancy updates to the migrated delta data. This process occurs iteratively until the databases on the production server and the staging server are synchronized.

For a graphical representation of this process, see the following diagram.


This diagram assumes that you are running the multi-tenancy update utility for the first time. If you are re-running the utility, some of the questions that you answered during the first run are not asked.

Multi-tenancy update installation process flow

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