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High availability

High availability (HA) and resiliency for BMC Remedy IT Service Management is achieved on a per-product basis. Each product is configured differently for HA. For most server types, a duplicate server is specified in the deployment architecture for redundancy. For database HA, BMC recommends that the vendor's technology or a third-party be used (for example, Oracle Real Application Clustering or Microsoft Peer to Peer Replication).

Environment or component

Is HA recommended?

High availability options

BMC Analytics for BSM


Not applicable

BMC Atrium CMDB and BMC Remedy ITSM (mid tier)


Load balanced, redundant web servers

BMC Atrium CMDB and BMC Remedy ITSM (AR System server)


Server groups

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform


Load balanced redundant CDP and grid

BMC Dashboards for BSM


Not applicable

BMC IT Business Management


Operating system clustering

The product-specific HA configuration information in this section is included as a reference from the Deployment Architecture per Product section. This information is for general purposes and is not specific to Data Center Automation.

BMC Atrium CMDB and BMC Remedy ITSM environment HA

To build a highly available system, each tier in the BMC Remedy AR System server needs to be built with redundancy. The obvious tiers to the system are the mid tier, the BMC Remedy AR System server, and the database. But depending on the criticality of the installation, other devices such as load balancers and firewalls should also be considered for redundancy. A failure at any of these levels can cause the service to become unavailable.

BMC Remedy Mid Tier

The BMC Remedy Mid Tier is the web component and is hosted in a web container (for example, Apache Tomcat). For HA in this tier, multiple mid tiers can be run simultaneously, with a load balancer distributing the load among the different instances. If one of the mid tier instances fails, the load balancer detects the failure and directs traffic to the other instances.

BMC Remedy AR System server

The BMC Remedy AR System server can also run behind a load balancer, with multiple instances working to process incoming API calls. The BMC Remedy AR System server provides a built-in mechanism called server groups that allow multiple BMC Remedy AR System servers to share responsibilities among themselves, thereby providing additional deployment options. With such a setup, the load is distributed by the load balancer, and the servers collaborate to manage the execution of batch operations (like escalations) and administrator responsibilities.

For more information about server group configuration, see Configuring server groups.

For more information about load balancers and load balancing configuration, see Configuring a hardware load balancer with BMC Remedy AR System.

Database layer

For a highly available deployment, ensure that the database is redundant. The redundancy at this layer is based on the options provided by the database vendor. Typically this is done with grid or clustering technologies, or replication.


BMC Atrium CMDB runs as a hosted application inside the BMC Remedy AR System server, and so inherits the same level of HA with which the BMC Remedy AR System server has been configured.

BMC IT Business Management HA

HA configurations have not been tested for BMC IT Business Management. However, because the product runs on J2EE servers and is fully compliant with J2EE specifications, the HA and disaster recovery capabilities of JBoss, IBM WebSphere, and Oracle WebLogic application servers also apply to BMC IT Business Management.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator HA

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BMC Analytics for BSM HA

The BMC Analytics for BSM product is used for analysis of the data generated from managing the IT organization. The tool is largely based on the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise product, and so derives all its deployment ability from this product. See the documentation for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise for information about setting up a highly available deployment of BMC Analytics for BSM.

BMC Dashboards for BSM HA

BMC Dashboards for BSM provides highly interactive, right-time access to key service support metrics for senior IT management to help optimize decisions and accelerate the results of aligning IT to business goals. BMC does not provide any built-in mechanism to create a highly available deployment of this tool because it is not typically considered to be mission critical. If a highly available deployment is needed, options provided by virtual system vendors can be considered.

BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping HA

BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping consists of the main application servers and slave servers that discover assets, and the database used to store these assets. The database is installed on the same virtual machine (VM) as the application server (it is not a remote database).

No built-in option is available for setting up HA for this system. For building availability into the system, one option is to use the snapshot capability of the product to capture data and configuration changes and export this information to a backup VM in case of a failure. Another option is to use the underlying virtual infrastructure to set up clustering.

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