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Extending the Overview console

This section describes how to add columns to, or "extend", the Overview console. It also describes how to add information from additional request forms. When extending the Overview console to include additional requests, you might need to perform additional customizations to complete the process. This section covers only the addition of request forms from a data perspective and does not include the customization of workflow.


If you are upgrading from a customized ARDBC Overview console implementation of the Overview console, the existing overlaid z2TH_ConsolidateTable1 table will still be configured to use the SHR:ARDBC_OverviewConsole form. The steps contained in this section can be used to prepare the database union structure in the back end, and after that is complete, the table can be reconfigured to use the SHR:Union_OverviewConsole form to complete the implementation.

The following topics are provided:

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