This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Enhancements to BMC Change Management

The following sections describe enhancements in BMC Change Management 8.1.00:

Excluding tasks when copying tasks

You can now filter tasks to exclude when copying tasks from another change request. You can filter the tasks by status or by type. Check boxes are provided to select tasks in the Cancelled or Failed statuses, and tasks of the Manual or Automatic types. For more information, see Copying tasks from another change request.

Updates to the console

Version 8.1.00 of the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite includes a number of console changes that simplify navigation:

  • The Consoles menu is no longer available on the Change Management console. As of version 8.1.00, the BMC Remedy ITSM application consoles can be accessed only from the Applications flyout menu.
  • The Advanced Functions menu is no longer available on the Change Request and Release Request forms. As of version 8.1.00, options that were listed under Advanced Functions are now available in the Functions menu.
  • You can select additional columns to add to the change table on the Change Management Console by clicking Preferences > Add Columns.

Additional columns

Click the following figure to expand it.

Next-generation Change Calendar

The next-generation Change Calendar is an enhanced calendar tool that provides a more intuitive and visually appealing experience for users. The user interface has been significantly enhanced for a better user experience.

  • Additional views like the Timeline and Eventlist views have been added to the traditional Calendar view.
  • New features like color schemes, tooltips, and panels have been added to all the views.
  • Users now have a visual display of Tasks and Outages in addition to Changes, Business Events, Releases, and Activities.
  • The Details pane that has been added to the views is an extension to the Details section and provides access to the Collision Detection and Impact assessment information.
  • A quick approvals section has been introduced to allow valid approvers to perform approvals from within the calendar.
  • The new user interface provides easier drill down into changes and releases.

For more information about the new Change Calendar, see Using the Calendar.

Email based approvals

Users can now approve requests via email. When a request requires an approval, an email is sent to approvers of that request. If email-based approvals are enabled, users can approve or reject the request from within the email. However, if the approval process configuration defines that the approval requires a password or that rejection requires a business justification, users must approve the request from Approval Central. 

For more information about email-based approvals, see Approving or rejecting requests via email.

Removal of auto-assignment of the Change Implementer support group

Auto-assignment of the Change Implementer support group has been removed. When you are using BMC Change Management in Best Practice mode, the Change Implementer support group is not available after you add tasks to the change request. Therefore, the change permissions set for the Change Implementer support group are not valid. You can explicitly enable the Change Implementer support group assignment. For more information, see Enabling the Change Implementer support group assignment


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